There's really only one reasonable way to do this job, and that is to get the absolutely wonderful bushing extraction tool.  There is a $75 tool that makes the front bushing replacement a snap!  Tom Townsend at Townsend Imports can tell you where to get one.  If you can get one of those tools, you can easily pull the bushing out with the bracket in place, and pull in a new bushing.

If you can't beg, borrow, rent or steal one, it would be worth it to buy it and then sell it at a slight discount to someone else, or even rent it out.  Offer it for sale or rent; if renting, get the $75 deposit up front.  Work it out however you want, just get the tool.  It's machined to fit right and do the job right, and it works.  I cobbled up my own solution the first time around but believe me, the tool is absolutely worth it.