Here are some fonts I've converted for use in Windows. They're in the bitmap .fon format so they'll reflect the original as well as possible.

These fonts were converted from the Amiga into Windows Bitmap format by Ville Jouppi (

P0T-NOoDLE is copyright by Leo "Nudel" Davidson
Topaz is copyright by Commodore-Amiga Inc. (or Gateway or Amiga or whatever)
Xen is copyright by Martin "Xen" Huttenloeher

If you are the author of one of the original Amiga fonts and feel totally ripped off, please tell me and I'll remove your font from this directory immediately.

If there's an Amiga font you loved and still have, you can always ask for me to convert it.. I just might do that if I like the font myself. :-)
Last update 29.4.2001